Zurum Okereke

About: I’m currently pushing through Industrial Engineering and Economics at Purdue University and will be looking into consulting and infrastructure roles for the future. Catch me in a big city pretty soon!

Dream Road Trip: SoCal to Oregon

Favorite Destination: New Orleans

Favorite Travel Snack: Sour Patch Kids


Grant East

About: Currently studying Marketing at Purdue University. Always had aspirations to be a full time entrepreneur, solving problems that the world faces

Dream Road Trip: Driving along Route 66 all the way down to the Pacific Ocean

Favorite Destination: Seattle

Favorite Travel Snack: Cheddar Chex Mix


Matt Saunders

About: Purdue Graduate in Chemical Engineering. Now working full time as a Reliability Engineer at Solvay.

Dream road trip: Driving from Denver to Washington State, stopping at all the parks in Utah and california

Favorite Destination: Lake Tahoe

Favorite Travel Snack: Reese’s Peanut Butter cups or pieces is my fave