How do I download

the platform?

The UniRide app is available on iOS, watch out for our Android and Web Platforms coming soon

Who’s allowed to Use


UniRide is available for college students, with or without cars, to travel with each other, make sure to sign up with your school email (.edu) to have full access.

I drive myself,

can I still sign up

for UniRide?

Yes! Simply input where you’re leaving from, where you’re headed and when you’re leaving and we can match those who need a ride with you.

Are UniRide trips safe?

Safety is a key priority for us. All trips are tracked and can be shared with loved ones and an SOS button is placed at the bottom left corner of the app to contact emergency services.

How do I book a trip?

It’s simple, sign up for the app, input where you want to get picked up , where you want to get dropped off and the time you plan to leave and we will match with other students driving along that direction.

How do I contact

a Driver or Rider?

Communicating with a driver or rider is seamless, simply message each other in our built-in chat before and during the trip.

Are Drivers Verified?

Yes! We run background checks on all drivers and verify them across school email databases.

How do Riders pay?

Riders pay 50% before the trip starts and 50% after the trip is over. Payment can made with credit/debit cards, ApplePay. Unfortunately we don’t allow cash to ensure that all trips are secure.

How do Drivers

get paid?

Drivers receive a deposit into their bank account or Venmo after their trip is over. Drivers can find their earnings history under their profile.

Is UniRide available

on my Campus?

Always! UniRide is available to every student on every college campus.